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Environmental policy

The Port of Oslo is committed to work for continuous improvement of its surroundings in order to minimise our impact on the environment and become an environmentally sound part of the logistics chain.

The management of the Port of Oslo shall ensure that responsibilities and tasks with regard to the environment are defined and adhered to. Environmental matters shall be integrated in strategic assessments and operational decisions.

The Port of Oslo will have particular focus on climate issues, efficient energy consumption and improvement of waste management.

Objectives and Targets for the Environment and Health & Safety for 2010

  1. Reduce Port of Oslo's CO2 footprint by 10% by 2012 compared with the 2008 levels
  2. Reduce the amount of mixed waste and improve our recycling compared with last year
  3. Minimise the environmental impact from the Port of Oslo's activities and projects in the port development areas
  4. Port of Oslo shall emphasise aesthetics during operations and in project planning so that the port area attains a wholly aesthetic appearance
  5. Port of Oslo shall provide a safe work environment with particular focus on well-being and participation for the employees